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WW2 Celebrations

Friday 8 May is the 75th anniversary of Victory over Europe, when the nation will join together to commemorate the service and sacrifice of the WWII generation then and now. This week we would like you to explore the events of World War Two so that you can understand the sacrifice a little better.
Many people have compared our current situation to World War Two, maybe you would like to do the same. Have fun finding out and discussing with your parents and grandparents (it will give you something to talk about on the phone, Facetime, Skype, House Party or Zoom!)

Look out for extra activities on Seesaw - we are really looking forward to our virtual teddy bear's picnic!

Fabulous examples of your work. 

Activities for this weeks topic

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Picture in the News - Assembly Resources

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Hope and Peace from St Asaph Diocese

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Healthy Schools Update

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Clic-it Cymru

News from Wales and around the world for young people.

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Welsh Second Language Resources

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