St Paul's VA Primary School


A Welcome from the School Councils 



As School Councils for St. Paul’s and Borderbrook, we met together on zoom with Fr. Huw, our vicar, to write a letter to tell you why our School Federation is so special to us.  

We always try to be good friends, to be kind and helpful to everyone and to be by your side so that you are not sad. We respect each other and do our best to look after one another. 

We are proud to be countryside schools and enjoy being outdoors. We have lovely playgrounds and lots of equipment to use. We love our forest school where we can make dens, follow trails and see freshwater creatures in the brook. We spend time in “God’s Garden” where we can sit quietly and think. We have lots of lovely places, equipment and activities in our school grounds. 

All the staff are wonderful and we all enjoy being part of our school community. If you are a new member of staff, don’t worry, we promise to be good for you and you’ll get your cup of tea every day! 

We love learning new things and being with our friends. Some of our favourite things are Maths, ICT, Swimming, Wellbeing and the “Golden Time” on Fridays when we can choose what kind of work we would like to do. We enjoy school dinners and eating our lunch together, gathering together for services and singing songs. 

Here at Maelor Church Schools Federation we like meeting new friends and you will always have a warm welcome!  



Freddie, Tali, Ted, Alice, Evelyn, Guy, Freya, Leighton, Morgan,  

Lilly, Megan. (St Paul's) 

Annabelle, Alfie, Crispin, Jaxon, Theo, Ewan, Ollie. (Borderbrook)