St Paul's VA Primary School


St Paul’s School are committed to working together to support all pupils to help meet their needs and reach their full potential. As part of a graduated response, we implement support at a universal and targeted universal level and through additional learning needs provision. 

Where a pupil has not progressed as well as expected, the next stage of the graduated response would be that the school considers whether the pupil has Additional Learning Needs (ALN) and in turn requires Additional Learning Provision (ALP). Should it be determined that a pupil has Additional Learning Needs, an Individual Development Plan (IDP) would be developed in a person-centred manner through a Person Centred Review meeting. The IDP would then be reviewed at least annually to ensure they remain relevant and are used as working documents. 
Here are some of the interventions we use, if you would like to know more about any of these please ask in our school office:


ALN Interventions


 ALN Policy PDF